4 responses to “NEW! Taylor Farms Salads”

  1. Angela Chiapparino

    I just tried the ttropical apple salad and wow its so good. My mother has to watch her sugar intake and I would love to know the nutrition information. and what kind of apples are used. I love this product and will buy it again and again its like your eating freshness. Love it.

  2. Karen Milano

    I absolutely love the tropical apple salad and I buy it whenever it’s available… my husband is on a restricted diet and we’de like to know the ingredients in the light creamy sauce, he has several allergies. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  3. emily

    loved your tropical apple salad, but, concerned with dressing as far as calorie’s are concerned. Is there milk or mayo in this dressing, as I am despertly trying to diet & allergic to milk.


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