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Hometown Pride
We will never forget where we began and how far we have come. The Trucchi name has become a symbol of pride and heritage, for family and friends. A symbol that has been nurtured through the acceptance of local communities. We will never compromise the welfare of these communities in light of our own success.
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Continuing the Tradition

Today Trucchi's second generation proudly employs over 900 hundred devoted and friendly personnel at their main distribution center and six store locations throughout southeast Massachusetts. Known for our friendly and efficient service, Trucchi's offers a unique small-town comfort. Customers enjoy the warm atmosphere and extended effort we provide. They feel at home when shopping at Trucchi's.

Going the Extra Mile

Our employees go the extra mile to ensure that all our customers needs are met. Long-term devotion has resulted in building friendships with customers, as many of our employees know their shoppers personally. The members of the Trucchi's team are thought of as extended family members some of whom have been providing their services for over thirty years. They represent the Trucchi family mission as they continue to be dedicated to satisfying the customer's needs.

Growing and Thriving

We pride ourselves in providing quality in all nine of our departments by establishing a clean, wholesome environment with courteous service. Trucchi's has grown and thrived since the original hometown store. Many special services are now available to customers including our Entertaining Made Easy program, full service bakeries, delis and freshly prepared foods.