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Hometown Pride
We will never forget where we began and how far we have come. The Trucchi name has become a symbol of pride and heritage, for family and friends. A symbol that has been nurtured through the acceptance of local communities. We will never compromise the welfare of these communities in light of our own success.
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The Story Behind the Supermarkets

William Trucchi Sr. claimed that friendship was the key to his success. He took pride in his dedication to his consumers, often saying, "We know many of our customers. It's important to give them that little extra." He also took pride in his loyal employees and it is philosophy that kept William's dream alive.

During 2004, the New Bedford location received new meat cases and a freezer update: A triple-decker meat case replaced the old single case in front of the meat department window. This gives the department more room to display, more product. Downstairs, an existing cooler was removed and new freezer walls were installed to create a larger freezer that can be used by multiple departments. Always tight for space, our Abington store received a 20 by 40 foot freezer, which nearly doubled the small stores backroom freezer space.
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